Everybody wants stuff. These words are surrounded by videogames.

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POPS has everything from Playstation 1 to the Atari 2600, including accessories like the Nintendo Lightgun, Powerglove and more games than you can shake several sticks at. We even have the elusive, unfortunately doomed Dreamcast. And if you don't see something you're looking for, ask us! There's a good chance we might have it in the back. And if the NES is too small for you, POPS also has massive, classic arcade cabinets for sale.

We have all sorts of other playthings as well, both old and new: Breyer, ALF, golf clubs, croquet sets, ball gloves, tennis rackets, porcelain dolls, miniature tea sets, Smurfs, Transformers, Care Bears, hockey pucks, Pound Puppies, yo-yo's, football helmets,  Hotwheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, Maisto, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galacta, transistor radios. Arvin, Spawn, Fleer, Dinky, Cabbage Patch, Farrah, black light, comics, Big Little Books, Superman, Marvel. WWF, pocket knives, ink pens, watches and more.



POPS has quite a collection of movies, in tons of different formats most of which you probably don't even have the means to play, from the popular VHS and DVD to CED, Laser Disc, Beta, 16MM and 8MM. We have classic movies, tv series, new stuff and anime. We also carry posters, pins, and a ton of other relevant memorabilia.


military surplus:

This includes lots of woodland camouflage, rocket fuel handling hoods, short wave radios, gas masks, holsters, helmets, wooden mine boxes, parkas, and loads of other great goodies.

There's also barber shop items like razors, straps and brushes. Cast iron skillets by Griswold, Wagner or Wapak. Also the occasional bank or toy, door stop or boot scrape. Even outdoor furniture now and then.

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