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The album you should own is Goat Girl- On All Fours

Mar 31, 2021 | News

Goat Girl is a four piece from South London that consists of Clottie Cream (Lead vocals and guitarist), L.E.D. (Guitarist and occasionally on vocals), Naima Jelly (Bassist) and Rosy Bones (Drummer). The band’s new and second album “On All Fours” is reminiscent of Stereolab’s “Emperor Tomato Ketchup” with it’s heavy electronic swirling and crunchy guitar throughout the album. Broadcast comes to mind as well due to Cream and L.E.D. on vocals creating a dreamy psychedelic landscape. The album will make you want to shake your butt and the songs range from personal experiences of grief to living in the messed up society we live in today, it’s a really interesting juxtaposition from music to lyrics and it’s hypnotizing. I can’t get enough of this record and hopefully you won’t either. Give “On All Fours” a listen if you’re a fan of Stereolab, Broadcast, Stereo Total or Melenas.

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