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2021 Record Store Day Drops

May 25, 2021 | News

Drop 1 is on Saturday, June 12th. We’ll handle things this year much the same way we did last year. We will delay opening to the general public for an hour (open at Noon instead of 11am) to allow small RANDOM groups to shop RSD titles. Here’s how it will work:

  1.  Send an email to : with your name and preferred contact email address. For the subject line, put ‘RSD Drop 1’. The cutoff for this registration is noon on Monday, 6/7.
  2. On Monday, we’ll break all the names down into groups of 5-10 people depending on how many sign up. Sometime Monday afternoon, we’ll email you with which group you’re in and what time to arrive at POPS. The first group will be around 9 or 9:30, again depending on how many sign up.
  3. The groupings will be RANDOM. Each group will have 20 minutes to peruse and purchase their Drop 1 titles. As usual, because of the limited nature of releases, there is a one of each title per person limit.
  4. Each sign-up is for ONE PERSON. It has to be that way for fairness. The only exceptions will be for children 10 or under. Masks are required
  5. POPS will open to the general public at noon, an hour later than normal, on the day of the drop. That allows RSD shoppers a ‘first shot’ at RSD titles. When we open at noon, anyone can come shop for RSD goodies. That includes folks who have been in earlier.

This is for Drop 1. We’ll post information about Drop 2 (July 17th) sign-ups after Drop 1 is done.