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Oct 22, 2021 | News

This year, Black Friday RSD is on 11/26. There are special & limited-edition releases, and all used records will be on sale. Sign-up for small-group early shopping begins on Monday, November 1st…Monday 11/22 at noon is the deadline to register. To sign up, send an email to :  with “BFRSD” in the subject line. Email should be to this address only! We’ll let you know later that afternoon what time to come by on Friday. All groupings are RANDOM. Please remember the couple of rules: you can buy as many titles as you want, but only one of EACH TITLE per person. And your time slot is for you: the only exception is for children. You’ll have around 20 minutes to peruse titles and purchase your goodies, so you may want to go to the Record Store Day website ahead of time to see what titles are being released. If you should miss the registration deadline, we open to the public at noon, an hour later than usual.

As with RSDs in the past, production of each Black Friday release is limited and thus allocated. For any given title, a record store might receive all of what they ordered, none of what they ordered, or any quantity in between. We order most titles on the list but we rarely know the full extent of what we will receive until a few days prior to the event. Makes it a bit difficult to plan ahead sometimes!

Lexington is a relatively small city. We are very blessed to have 3 independent stores dedicated to bringing vinyl to the forefront. Please take a moment to stop by and say hi (and maybe even buy something) from:

The Album

CD Central

POPS Resale

Each of these three shops are staffed by hard-working folks who are informed and knowledgeable and dedicated to help you find what you’re looking for. And sometimes even suggest possible new music avenues for you to explore!