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Check these out!

Apr 8, 2022 | News

Hello all! It’s that time again to run down a few titles we currently have in stock that I personally love.

Wet Leg- Wet Leg

2022, Domino Records

A wonderful blend of punk, post punk, new wave, and a sprinkle of show gaze here and there. This album absolutely rips and it’s their debut! This album leaves you wanting more. For fans of X-Ray Specs, Goat Girl, & Kaino


Pip Blom- Welcome Break

2022, Heavenly Recordings, Pias Records

Indie power pop at it’s finest. Pip Blom hail from Amsterdam and they know how to shake your insecurities out and about while making you boogie or at least pogo. This record is chalk full of guitar driven songs of love, loss, and insecurities. Put simply this album rolls. For fans of The Beths, Bully, and Porridge Radio


Broadcast- Microtronics Vol. 1 & 2

(2003 cd only) 2021 Reissue (lp), Warp Records

Broadcast were and still remain the darlings of modern psychedelia. Trish Keenan the mastermind behind this wonderful band sadly passed in 2011 from pneumonia. We still have the music so we can continue to appreciate the genius that was Broadcast. This album could easily be titled “Let’s Get Weird”. 11 instrumental tracks of bleeps, bloops, way out sounds of the universe, tapes, synths, guitars, and drums make this an album you should definitely check out if you want something different to start off your weekend with.   Warp also reissued “Maida Vale Sessions” a 2 lp which consists of three Peel Sessions from 1996, 2000 & 2003 and a Evening Session from 1997. Each recording is absolutely gorgeous. The last reissue of the trio that Warp released is “Mother is the Milky Way” which was a tour only cd from 2009. “Mother is The Milky Way” are 11 short psychedelia tracks layered with tripped out imagery that will make you question your sanity at times. It’s great! Check out for all three of the releases which we happen to have at the shop right now. For fans of Stereolab, Melanas, and getting weird with tapes and synths.


Prince Paul presents: Prince Among Thieves

(1999) 2022 Reissue, Tommy Boy Records

Not only one of my favorite hip-hop records but one of the best concept records of all time. Prince Paul brings together a cast of hip-hop luminaries such as Kool Keith, Sadat X, Big Daddy Kane, even Chris Rock is on this album! Anyway this is a story about an up and coming rapper “Tariq” played by Breezly Brewin and the twisted path into the music industry. From front to back this story is captivating and a perfect look into what 90’s hip-hop was all about. For fans of De La Soul, Handsome Boys Modeling School and good ol fashion boom bap hip-hop, this record comes highly recommended.


I hope everyone is enjoying these posts and if you are please let us know with a comment or a share on facebook!


Until next week!


Murphy Winston