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Off The Beaten Path

May 6, 2022 | News

It’s Friday again folks and that means I’ll be suggesting some killer albums you might not know about that we happen to have in stock!

Asocial and The Bedrovers (Split)- How Could Hardcore Be Any Worse? Vol. 1

2022 (1984 original release date), Radiation Records

Swedish hardcore punk, thrash, 2 bands and 30 fast and short jams between them. For fans of Discharge, Crass, and The Feltchers


Lootpack- The Lost Tapes

2022 (2004 original release) Crate Diggas Palace Records

West Coast underground hip-hop, Madlib on the boards and mic, Wild Child and Dj Romes. They get some help from Stones Throw friends like Oh No, Declaime, and Medaphore. The beginnings of the Loop Digga. This collection is bonkers with beats that were way ahead of their time. For fans of Hobo Junction, Hieroglyphics, and the Likwit Crew


Rita Lee- Build UP

2021 (1970 original release) Future Shock Records

Founding member of Os Mutantes from Brazil spreads her musical wings on this glorious record. You’re going to hear a little bit of Broadway, psych folk, Brazilian pop, and a bunch of funky ish. For fans of Os Mutantes, Free Design and Nancy Sinatra!


Norma Tanega- I’m the Sky: Studio and Demo Rerecords, 1964-1971

2022, Anthology Records

You don’t realize you know who she is through her songs but you do. Her most famous song “You’re Dead” is that title track for “What We Do In The Shadows (Television show and Movie). She also wrote songs for Dusty Springfield “The Color Of Your Eyes” and “No Stranger Am I”. This collection of demos are full of badass folk jams that will have you swaying and sometimes shakin that booty. Listen to “Walkin My Cat Named Dog” and “You’re Dead” and try and tell me they didn’t make you at least tap your foot. This collection showcases Norma Tanega’s knack for writing beautiful songs of protest, love, and triumph. Please check this album out! For fans of Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, and Vashti Buyan.


There you go! We have these albums in stock at the shop so feel free to swing by and pick one or all of these up!

Have a great weekend, y’all!


Murphy Winston