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Dale Wright “What Are You Doin’ There”


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Dale Wright was a Dayton, OH disc jockey who went on to become a Rock ‘n Roll singer in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. He, along with back-up bands The Rock-Its and The Wright Guys. He returned to radio after singing. After moving to Lexington, KY, he became a good customer and friend to all of us here at POPS Resale. When he died in 2007, we purchased his collection of records. This included many dead-stock 45’s from the labels on which he recorded. None of these records have been played.

We will be offering many of those here on our web site. When shipped with factory stock sleeve, most show some discoloration as they were still in their original factory boxes for decades. This particular 45 is QUEEN-B #QF-508, “What Are You Doin’ There” b/w “But Not With Me”.

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